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Myriam has recharged her batteries ready for the challenge of contributing to the development of the...

Myriam is an almost sixty years old young passionate about wool crafting. Her wool business at the farm of La Thibaudière in Vendée (France) started four years ago. She transforms the traditional way the wool of her alpacas, sheep (Shropshire, Mérinos from Rambouillet, Swedish, Solognot and Gothland) and angora goats and that recovered from sheep […]

“Jojo”, the only French producer of tea

It is in “Grand Coude”, a beautiful village from La Reunion Island located close to a volcanic circus that lives Johny Guichard called “Jojo”, the only French producer of organic tea. It is difficult to imagine that tea can grow in the Reunion Island. However, in the 60s, 350 ha of tea were cultivated on […]

From jeweler to goldsmith of plants

A creator, a poet with a lot of common sense. Lino was born 36 years ago in Milan. Born in a family of southern Italy, with peasant origins from his father’s side; he grew up in the city. Lover of creation he turned to graphic design and jewelry. As a teenager he worked with passion […]