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The healing power of Natural Farming

Industrial agriculture requires the use of chemicals which often cause us harm, reduce the nutritional value of the foods we eat and damage the soil. Using chemicals leads to more pest attacks on crops for which farmers rely on pesticides. In addition, because of soil damage more and more chemicals and pesticides need to be […]

Changing the narrative on farming in the Philippines

AGREA, a compound of the words ‘agriculture’ and ‘gaea’ (Greek for earth or Mother Earth), is a new agri-focused social enterprise and foundation with a big heart. Literally based in the ‘heart of the Philippines’, AGREA, has been mobilizing volunteers, businesses, academia, local and national government, international partners and keen individuals to bring an ‘ecology […]

Wadi: a holistic model for reinforcing livelihood in hilly rainfed region in India

Koraput district of Odisha in India is endowed with abundant natural resources and is mainly inhabited by the indigenous communities, belonging to the Paraja and Kondho tribes who primarily depend on subsistence farming. Rainfed uplands situated between hillocks and bottom-valleys, locally known as “Dangar Jami”, constitute the major portion of the arable land in the region. Millets and […]

Eco-village: a holistic approach of climate smart agriculture

In southern Odisha State, India, the landscape and livelihoods of the indigenous family farmers are seriously threatened by industrial agriculture, bauxite mining, large dams, changing rainfall patterns and government apathetic attitude. But, indigenous communities have decided how they want to conserve their land for their own benefit. And they are doing it successfully.  “Five years […]