We conduct field studies in collaboration with farmers organisations and public bodies on agrarian generational renewal, young farmers needs to settle sustainable farming models and the developement of sustainable practices and farming models. If you want us to work with you do not hesitate to contact us at contact@neo-agri.org

Here are some examples of projects (not exhaustive) : 

Erasmus+ project FireShepherds with the aim to prepare next generations of Shepherds in the management of extensive livestock with wildfire prevention purposes : https://www.fireshepherds.eu/

Advisory board of the H2020 European project NEWBIE - New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture : http://www.newbie-academy.eu/

Qualitative and quantitative study on the entrance of youth to agriculture with the european subvention during the periods 2000-2006 and 2007-2014 in spanish Catalonia: this field study has been commissioned by the Agriculture Departement of the catalan government to identify the profiles of young farmers, their productive model, their economical and social viability in order to improve the measures to promote agrarian generational renewal and adapt them to differents profiles such as new-peasants. The results will be published in summer or autumn 2017.

Research on the entrance of youth to agriculture, generational renewal and new profiles of young peasantry from a gender perspective in Spain: this field study has been commissioned by a spanish farmers organisation COAG and a spanish NGO Mundubat defending women's rights and food sovereignty, both members of the peasants movement la Via Campesina. Complete study available here.

Agri Sense Tour : the new-peasants, innovative social entrepreneurs: a worldwide tour to meet innovative farmers co-organised by MakeSense (a worldwide network of volunteers who support social entrepreneurs) and Neo-Agri. Follow the stories of the farmers looking to innovate in their model to invent agro-ecological and sustainable farms. Get engaged by spreading the word or organising hold ups/brainstorming sessions for them!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AgriSenseTour/

The new-peasants: barriers and opportunities 

Who are the new peasants? What motivated them to become farmers? What dreams they pursued? What were the main phases of their installation? Which difficulties did they encounter?, What and who were their supports? What is their business model? What are their needs? What is their advice for future candidates to the return to the land? We will seek to be as realistic as possible by showing the good and bad sides of the beginning new farmers adventure.

This study focused on case studies in France, Spain and Italy. A book was published in French, a practical guide for new-peasants to accompany them in the process of creating a farm ("Néo-paysans, le guide (très) pratique." Ed France Agricole 2017).